Jun 23, 2020
  • xcodebuild xcodebuild -- build Xcode projects and workspaces
  • clang clang - the Clang C, C++, and Objective-C compiler
  • swiftc Swift compiler
  • ld ld -- linker
  • xcrun xcrun - Run or locate development tools and properties.
  • libtool libtool - create libraries
  • actool compiles, prints, updates, and verifies asset catalogs.
  • assetutil process asset catalog .car files
  • ranlib ranlib - add or update the table of contents of archive libraries
  • strip strip - remove symbols
  • ar ar -- create and maintain library archives
  • lipo lipo - create or operate on universal files
  • nm nm - display name list (symbol table)
  • otool llvm-otool - the otool-compatible command line parser for llvm-objdump
  • objdump llvm-objdump - LLVM's object file dumper
  • dwarfdump dwarfdump - dump and verify DWARF debug information
  • dsymutil dsymutil - manipulate archived DWARF debug symbol files
  • strings find the printable strings in a object, or other binary, file
  • atos
    • convert numeric addresses to symbols of binary images or processes
  • plutil property list utility
  • c++filt LLVM symbol name demangler
  • xcrun swift-demangle
  • symbols display symbol information about a file or process
  • vmmap Display the virtual memory regions allocated in a process
  • heap List all the malloc-allocated buffers in the process's heap
  • leaks Search a process's memory for unreferenced malloc buffers
  • malloc_history Show the malloc and anonymous VM allocations that the process has performed
  • size print the size of the sections in an object file
  • xcrun dyldinfo
  • vtool Mach-O version number utility

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